Item Sniper

How it works

This tool scans the recent 25 minutes of market data for large price changes. If an items sell price drops so much that it would be profitable to buy it for the new price and sell it afterwards for the old price, it gets listed here.

Keep in mind that these price drops can also be caused by a unusual price increase beforehand. Always double check before you decide to buy something!

  • Item: The affected item
  • Highest Sell Price: The highest recorded sell price of the last 25 minutes
  • Current Sell Price: The current sell price
  • Current Buy Price: The current buy price
  • Margin: The difference between "Highest Sell Price" and "Current Sell Price" minus market fee
  • ROI: The Return on Investment based on "Margin" and "Current Sell Price"
Data from:
2024-06-14 03:10:00
Seconds until Refresh:
Item Highest Sell Price Current Sell Price Current Buy Price Margin ROI
274.00 192.27 160.01 54.33 28.26%