Meat Grinder

A curious means of transportation with augers by some Archimedes guy. Each installed auger reduces cabin power, but allows you to move freely sideways.

Faction Firestarters
Category Movement
Type Auger
Available Yes
Craftable Yes
Meta No

Sell 329.00
Offers 37
Buy 310.00
Orders 24
Demand/Supply 64.86%
Margin -13.90
ROI -4.48%
Last Update 2021-01-19 04:19:14
Sell Range
Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
Buy Average
Average Margin
Item Amount
Aegis-Prime 1
The stats are outdated and can't be updated anymore. Stats version:
Power Score 360
Required Level 10
Max. Speed 50
Tonnage 2800
Durability 820
Mass 800
Engine Power Multiplier -0.35
Solid Surface Traction tires_behaviour.bad
Dense Surface Traction tires_behaviour.good
Crumbly Surface Traction tires_behaviour.good