Meat Grinder

Firestarters Movement Epic Auger Craftable

A curious means of transportation with augers by some Archimedes guy. Each installed auger reduces cabin power, but allows you to move freely sideways.



Max. Chassis Speed 60 km/h
Tonnage +2800 kg
Power -35%
Melee Resistance 50%

Durability 820 pts.
Mass 800 kg

Can move sideways and deal damage to enemy vehicles.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 336.86
Buy Price 303.00
Margin 0.17
ROI 0.06%
Sell Offers 71
Buy Orders 13
Demand/Supply 18.31%
Last Update 2021-04-11 00:04:41
Sell Range
Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
Buy Average
Average Margin
Item Amount
Aegis-Prime 1