Steppe spider

Cabins Epic Medium cabin

Built using blueprints from a war hero, who had spent several weeks in the Wasteland and returned in one piece. A medium powerful cabin with high weight limit and tonnage. Perfect for armoured vehicles on mechanical legs.



Max. Cabin Speed 60 km/h
Tonnage 7000 kg
Mass Limit 16000 kg
Adds Energy 12 pts.

Durability 445 pts.
Mass 3250 kg

Increases the maximum speed of mechanical legs by 10 km/h.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 718.01
Buy Price 622.24
Margin 23.97
ROI 3.85%
Sell Offers 14
Buy Orders 7
Demand/Supply 50.00%
Last Update 2022-01-21 22:50:42
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Max. Margin
Sell Average
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