Hearse horn

With this grim trophy from the “Witch Hunt” you will raise the art of driving a hearse to a new level — don't just give corpses a ride, but also make corpses! (Only the last installed horn will be active.)

Category Decor
Type Decor. Horn
Available Yes
Craftable No
Meta No

Sell 44.95
Offers 9
Buy 38.50
Orders 12
Demand/Supply 133.33%
Margin 1.96
ROI 5.08%
Last Update 2021-03-04 12:49:55
Sell Range
Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
Buy Average
Average Margin
The stats are outdated and can't be updated anymore. Stats version:
Power Score 17
Durability 3
Mass 3
Reputation Bonus (%) 3