SD-15 Vulture

Nomads Weapons Legendary Autonomous drone Craftable

A sabotage drone created by Nomads on the basis of 'Yaoguai'. After being launched into the specified area, the drone hovers in the air and activates its own invisibility module. When an enemy appears nearby, 'Vulture' clings to its important parts trying to destroy them and then explodes afterwards. The drone cannot be disabled remotely. Does not receive a bonus from parts that boost the reloading of drones.



Max. Ammo 12 pcs.

Durability 207 pts.
Energy Drain 4 pts.
Mass 365 kg

The drone deals periodic damage to the part it has attached itself to.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 1871.10
Buy Price 1666.00
Margin 17.99
ROI 1.08%
Sell Offers 6
Buy Orders 7
Demand/Supply 116.67%
Last Update 2023-03-28 12:32:20
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Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
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