KA-1 Discharger

Scavengers Hardware Special Recharge booster Craftable

The first attempts of the Scavengers to solve the problem of their weapons' slow reloading led to the creation of a new line of modules. Boosts the reloading of weapons and rockets by 10%. You can install only 'I module that speeds up reloading.



Durability 171 pts.
Energy Drain 1 pts.
Mass 162 kg
Crossout version
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Sell Price 119.45
Buy Price 106.02
Margin 1.49
ROI 1.40%
Sell Offers 43
Buy Orders 13
Demand/Supply 30.23%
Last Update 2024-06-14 03:00:00
Sell Range
Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
Buy Average
Average Margin
Item Amount
KA-2 Flywheel 1