Lunatics Cabins Epic Light cabin Craftable

A high-speed cabin that enhances its owner's firepower if he doesn't turn in the face of danger. It's hardly necessary to describe the excitement it brought to the Lunatics.



Max. Cabin Speed 105 km/h
Tonnage 3800 kg
Mass Limit 7800 kg
Adds Energy 12 pts.

Durability 265 pts.
Mass 600 kg

For every 30 meters driven in a straight line, it receives a charge that increases the weapon damage by 7%. Stacks up to 3 times. When turning, it loses the charge every 0.5 sec.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 596.00
Buy Price 520.02
Margin 16.38
ROI 3.15%
Sell Offers 22
Buy Orders 10
Demand/Supply 45.45%
Last Update 2021-08-02 20:54:38
Sell Range
Buy Range
Max. Margin
Sell Average
Buy Average
Average Margin