Tank track

Movement Epic Track

Tall and robust tracked chassis. It was once used as a basis to build platforms for advanced battle tanks. Now they are used by elite Brotherhood fighters. Each mounted track reduces cabin power. The wider and shorter the track base, the less the turning radius.



Max. Chassis Speed 55 km/h
Tonnage +4800 kg
Power -55%
Bullet Resistance 25%
Melee Resistance 50%
Thermal Resistance 25%

Durability 1440 pts.
Mass 1550 kg

Increased resistance to firearms damage and excellent grip.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 471.84
Buy Price 411.00
Margin 13.66
ROI 3.32%
Sell Offers 24
Buy Orders 35
Demand/Supply 145.83%
Last Update 2023-09-23 11:38:43
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Max. Margin
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