Nomads Cabins Legendary Medium cabin Craftable

Caligaris experiments with the Ravagers technology sometimes lead to unexpected results. Not only that the permanent synthetic dweller appeared in the destroyed helicopter hull. It soon turned out that the cockpit can literally vanish into thin air. The Nomads enjoyed this side effect and their invisibility module only made it stronger.



Max. Cabin Speed 90 km/h
Tonnage 5400 kg
Mass Limit 12500 kg
Adds Energy 12 pts.

Durability 305 pts.
Mass 800 kg

1. If the invisibility module is not installed the cabin performs its function. Active time 5 s, cooldown 23 s. 2. If the invisibility module is installed then the cabin enhances its effect: decloaking occurs with a delay after taken damage.

Crossout version
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Sell Price 3348.00
Buy Price 3240.00
Margin -226.80
ROI -7.00%
Sell Offers 10
Buy Orders 12
Demand/Supply 120.00%
Last Update 2021-06-13 14:27:57
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